Cleaning and Preparation

Preparation is the key for any paint job to stand the test of time. At Bowral Painters, we take this very seriously! We don’t cut corners, rather we take time to ensure that any surface we paint is dry, well sanded and free from any mildew, cracks, rot or scuffs to help interior and exterior paints adhere to the surface.

This is a tedious and time consuming process, but it is important. It ensures a job well done and our customers being satisfied. So it is a top priority for us.

All work done by Bowral Painters includes a thorough clean up. Over the years we have become experts at cleaning, so we are confident that you will find us thorough and neat.

High Pressure Washing & Cleaning

High pressure washing and cleaning provides the most thorough clean and consistent result for exterior house cleaning. As we have already mentioned, for paint to adhere properly and look good over time, surface condition and preparation are crucial. A treatment with the high pressure cleaner means a clean surface, ready for exterior house painting.

Whether you are repainting your house or not, why not give your house a spruce up with a high pressure clean. It is cost effective and the results are impressive!

Gutter & Roof Cleaning and Maintenance

Apart from preparation for painting, there is another good reason to regularly clean your gutters and roof. Blocked gutters can cause serious problems such as becoming a fire hazard and potential water damage to your ceiling and roof cavity.

With the correct tools, chemicals and experience Bowral Painters can take care of your gutter cleaning needs, leaving you with clean, free flowing gutters ready for a new coat of paint.

Protect yourself from unnecessary damage, talk to Bowral Painters today about your cleaning needs.