Plaster Repairs and Restoration

Has your home sustained holes, scratches and cracks over the years? Or perhaps you inherited a second rate plastering job when you moved into your new home?

Plaster Repairs

Unfortunately a great paint job will not cover these things. But do not fear – with years of experience in painting and restoration, Bowral Painters can carry out small repairs before proceeding with painting. With one tradesman doing the job of two it will mean a saving for you!

Water Damage and Repairs

Water damage may occur over time and present problems such as mould, staining, sagging, strong odour, and may even collapse. This kind of damage cannot just be painted over, but must be dealt with properly and professionally. For paint to adhere properly and look good over time, surface condition and preparation are crucial!

When we are providing a quote, we will assess the level of water damage and recommend the best course of action for you individually. If the solution is major repairs or even replacing the affected area, we will put you in touch with reliable and trustworthy tradesmen in the Bowral, Moss Vale and Southern Highlands area that will fix this problem for you. With a fresh surface, we can ensure that the paint job we provide will be fresh and will stand the test of time.

Let the team at Bowral Painters restore your home to its original glory. With meticulous attention to detail it will look as though the damage was never there. Request a free quote today.